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My understanding of ODATA is very limited so forgive me if I am way off.

Because metadata is exposed like:


Are there any third party tools that allow an end user to build dynamic reports via a graphical interface. Such as choosing columns, maybe joins and their conditions?

I saw that Excel supports odata but it grabs all data and pivots from there.

Rather than one off reports for customer's and their edge cases, the ability to give a customer to dynamically generate their own reports from their data would be very helpful.

My question boils down to, are their currently third party tools that do this, if not is it something that could be developed, or am I missing some piece of this puzzle?

Thank you.

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If course it is possible. The whole idea of OData is to allow data retrieval and then construct whatever you want out of it.

I've worked with OData before, here or here is an example of what I came up with. Javascript uses it to retrieve the data and constructs the presentation out of it.

To answer your question, no, there aren't many tools out there specifically for OData because all it is about is exposing data through HTTP protocol. While you can use meta data and attempt to construct WSDL through it, which then can be used in variety of applications/frameworks to automatically map data to controls, it's relatively new (released in 2010) and has not yet gained enough popularity.

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Your links have gone 404... –  Shaul Nov 12 '12 at 19:21

Tableau supports OData as a data source allowing an end user to dynamically generate "reports":


Infragistics jQuery controls support OData directly. Demo here:


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For a simple GUI to see the OData metadata structure and craft selects, please take a look at Windward (disclaimer, I'm the CTO there). We put in a lot of work to create a really easy and powerful way to query data form an OData server. I think this will give you what you want.

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the odata explorer is a silverlight tool for that

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And LinqPad is desktop-based with alot of functionality. –  Acolyte Apr 15 '11 at 2:26

Microsoft PowerPivot 2010 support consume OData data feed also.

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