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i am working with Ext JS form submission with Rails as backend.. Everything works fine when i use Chrome i.e. values get inserted into the database, but when i use any oher browser for my appn i.e. IE or Mozilla, form values dont get inserted into database.. What can be the reason?? Am i missing something?? I get an alert "submitted" in IE & Mozilla,but i guess its not reaching controller(url) of my rails appn...Following is the code :

var sbtn=Ext.getCmp('submitbtn'); sbtn.on('click',function(){ var frm=Ext.getCmp('FormPanel'); frm.el.unmask(); frm.getForm().submit( url = '/customers/new', alert('Submitted'),'customers.json') );

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Please put your solution in Answer section & mark it as correct answer. – CF Mitrah Apr 18 '11 at 6:19
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I finally found solution to my own problem.. its working in IE/Mozilla now..I just realized i need to add the attribute standardSubmit: true to my FormPanel component.

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