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I have been trying to find an example of this that I could use for a couple years, I'm ashamed to admit. I would like to see a working, compileable example (most that I find online don't compile or don't actually work) of reading from the microphone, encoding the voice data in a speech-friendly encoding such as Speex, and streaming that information in real time to a Decoder which then plays the audio. I suppose this example would simply echo what is said. I would like to ultimately use this to learn to make an audio mixing chat server.

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Since no one has posted an answer yet, I guess the answer is to build your own free source thing out of the Java Speech API.

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take a look at sphinx4 from cmu

it works fairly well and can be wired in with some other systems for that very purpose (take a look at gstreamer)

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sigh. speech doesn't imply speech recognition. sorry - but this thing does work fairly well :) – kolosy Nov 18 '09 at 5:17

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