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I have the following code in iOS:

CFAttributedStringRef attributedString = ...
CTLineRef line = CTLineCreateWithAttributedString(attributedString);
CTLineRef truncatedLine = CTLineCreateTruncatedLine(line, 50.0, kCTLineTruncationEnd, NULL);

CFRange lineRange = CTLineGetStringRange(line);
CFRange truncatedLineRange = CTLineGetStringRange(truncatedLine);

My lineRange is the same as truncatedLineRange. Why? The documentation makes no mention of this.

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According to the coretext-dev mailing list, this is expected behavior:

The truncated string still covers the original string range, it's just that some glyph(s) have subsumed the truncated characters. Besides, it would be impossible to represent a discontiguous string range as a CFRange in the case of middle truncation.

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