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I setup node and express then integrated the mustache.js template by following the instructions on this page:


So far so good, except I'm having a lot of trouble trying to setup mustache.js to have the same functionality as Jade's "layout". I'm basically trying to setup 1 master file to serve as a shell for my other pages similar to extending a template with Django.

Ex. The layout file could have this:


[title]my title[/title]



Where {{content}} gets replaced with the contents of a file which I would specify somehow in the route for that page.

I just have no idea how to set this up with express because I'm still a huge newbie with it and the way it's setup with Jade is automagical which seems to be specific to Jade only.

With Jade you just need to make a "layout.jade" file and have something like this as your route:

app.get('/', function(req, res) { res.render('home', { title: 'My home page' }); });

Then it magically adds the contents of home.jade into your layout.jade file wherever you specified the body!= body tag.

So yeah, how can I set something like that up with Mustache? If you know the answer please explain it step by step.

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Found out a solution... github.com/fat/stache Seems to work as intended. Maybe someone with more knowledge of this can check his code to make sure it's not adding a ton of overhead? –  AntelopeSalad Apr 19 '11 at 0:35

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You could write a stache renderer plugin for docpad

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