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I am a newbie to Raphael lib, my question is following:

can I use path specific methods (like getTotalLength() or getPointAtLength()) for a circle element - this would be quite helpfull (and at the begining I thought that circle somehow inherits from path - so that should be possible... but it simply does not work :( ), ie.

var cir =, 100, 20);
var totalength=cir.getTotalLength();
var pt = cir.getPointAtLength(0);

thanks for any comments/hints/explanations on that, Borys

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I understand the total length thing, but from which starting point should getPointAtLength() count? – Infeligo Apr 15 '11 at 7:10

Sadly you cannot. Circle is its own svg element. It wouldn't be too hard to write some functions that replicate these path-specific actions:



getPointAtLength: You'd have to figure out where the circle's path 'starts', but with that set it's something like:

rad = (length / total_length) * 2*pi
y = center_y + (sin(rad) * radius)
x = center_x + (cos(rad) * radius)
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thanks for this info, I got to the point that it is fairly easy to draw the cicrle with a use of a "path" and this is most suitable – Borys Apr 21 '11 at 4:46

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