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I am using SQL Server 2008 and now I am stuck with a problem for past two days. I want to merge a particular group of cells in a SSRS Report.

I have used the below code in the Background Color property of the text box

=IIF((Previous(Fields!score.Value)=Fields!score.Value), "", Fields!score.Value)

I get a an error saying "Error [rsInvalidPreviousAggregateInTablixCell] The use of a Previous aggregate function in a TablixCell within Tablix ‘matrix1’ is not supported"

Can any one help me with the error.

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The error message seems pretty clear: Previous doesn't work in a matrix cell. You could get around this problem by finding the previous value in your SQL-Query.

How to get a value from previous result row of a SELECT statement?

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=IIF((Previous(Fields!score.Value)=Fields!score.Value), Nothing, Fields!score.Value)

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