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IIRC, adding a framework in XCode 3 automagically added the correct linker and preprocessor (header) search paths to the project/target. The new way of doing this in XCode 4 seems to be adding the frameworks to "Link Binary with Libraries" under "Build Phases" in the project/target settings.

What about header search paths? I've just tried adding several Qt frameworks to my project in XCode 4, and the headers are not found until I manually add the correct paths to header search paths. The project in question was started as a unix executable.. is this the reason? In another iOS project I haven't had to specify the search paths, only the frameworks. Some difference in the project "type"?

Or maybe I'm doing things correctly and there's some problem with the Qt frameworks?


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I just came across this and it really seems like a bug. –  alltom Apr 23 '11 at 7:46

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