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I am running 1 background process in my continuously checks for some input...When proper input is entered of found..It will play Some wav file..

I have added 1 wav filled named as "ding.wav" into Resources..

and i have written following code in my application... I am using System.Media namespace. and using .Net 4.0

SoundPlayer player = new SoundPlayer();
player.Stream = Properties.Resources.ding;

but sound is not playing...

Can you tell me what i am doing wrong..!! enter image description here

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Try this:

SoundPlayer player = new SoundPlayer(Properties.Resources.ding);

You can also try this:

using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Resources;
using System.IO;
namespace Win32
  public class Winmm
    public const UInt32 SND_ASYNC = 1;
    public const UInt32 SND_MEMORY = 4;

    public static extern bool PlaySound(byte[] data, IntPtr hMod, UInt32 dwFlags);
    public Winmm() { }
    public static void PlayWavResource(string wav)
      // get the namespace 
      string strNameSpace= 

      // get the resource into a stream
      Stream str = 
        System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetManifestResourceStream(      strNameSpace +"."+ wav );
      if ( str == null ) return;
     // bring stream into a byte array
     byte[] bStr = new Byte[str.Length];
     str.Read(bStr, 0, (int)str.Length);
     // play the resource
     PlaySound(bStr, IntPtr.Zero, SND_ASYNC | SND_MEMORY);
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I think you need to do more than that. Check out this article.

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I think you have to ensure that the file is loaded before you play it.

SoundPlayer player = new SoundPlayer(Properties.Resources.ding);
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