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i am developin one application using jquery. i want to know the status of the div wheather the div is show state or hide state something like this:

//some operration
//some operration

alert($("#test").show()==true); always shows false.

please help me...

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You can use is() and the :visible selector.

if( $('#test').is(':visible') ) { ... }
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:HIDDEN != :NOT(:VISIBLE) bugs.jquery.com/ticket/4374 –  diEcho Apr 15 '11 at 6:32



Note : hidden fails on elements that have width but no height.

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is(':visible') is, of course, correct.

In pretty much all my jQuery applications, I introduce a simple plugin isVisible.

$.fn.isVisible = function() {
    return $.expr.filters.visible(this[0]);

This is about 50 times faster than the above function (jsPerf example) for exactly the same functionality.

if ($('#yourElement').isVisible()) {
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