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Chef is commonly used for provisioning servers, right? So is LibCloud, right?

What's an example use case of why someone would use both tools together?

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I use chef to bootstrap ec2 instances. I also use boto to do further modifications of ec2 instances such as creating tags etc. I will be now be using libcloud more often since I will I will have a mix between rackspace and ec2.

As a side, when bootstrap a ec2 or rackspace instance, I do not use knife, I use libcload to boot a machine and ssh into into machine and install chef client since I fond it to be more reliable and even faster then knife by 3-5 minutes.

Net net, both are used together. Its a happy marriage.

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Chef works with a variety of cloud computing providers:

  • Amazon AWS EC2
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • Terremark vCloud
  • Bluebox Group
  • Openstack
  • Slicehost

It does this through the Ruby library, fog.

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