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I'm not sure this belongs to stackoverflow, but I decided to ask it here.

In notepad++ how can I enable to auto-close html tags in php files? I'm able to do this in html and xml files (I think TextFX plugin does it), but in php files it doesn't work. is there a plugin (or built-in functionality) to enable auto-close html tags in php files?

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Use a proper IDE :) – Noy Feb 5 '15 at 12:42
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This is a bit annoying, but you could temporarily switch to HTML language, and when you're done, switch back to PHP language.

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Install TextFX plugin and go to TextFX -> TextFX Settings -> +Autoclose XHTML/XML .

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pretty sure this is the answer, but you have to switch to HTML in the language menu instead of PHP :D – davidosomething Apr 26 '11 at 3:58

Try CCompletion, its an auto-completion plugin for notepad++, it might suits your needs : here

Also, the next Notepad++ 5.0 will feature auto-completion, you can grab beta somewhere over the web, look over here

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I don't think CCompletion has HTML tag auto-closing, but thanks =) – Headshota Apr 15 '11 at 21:31

I have found a solution which could ease up the issue. In settings-->Preferences in the auto completion tab try to add < > and ? ? in the blanks

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Have you tried XML Tools? Unfortunately I'm on a Mac so can't test, but I'm pretty sure this is the plugin I used before and it worked fine.

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It's not completely but it's convince. You can install TextFX and go on TextFX -> TextFX Settings -> +Autoclose Brace (not Html/xhtml). I got it.It's works.

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