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The StackOverflow transcripts are enormous, and sometimes I want to link to a little bit within it.

How do I create an HTML anchor in a FogBugz wiki page?

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As of this writing, this feature is now supported -- just edit the wiki page's html directly (via the <> button).

See this support question for details. Use html anchor tags as you would in a typical html doc. (Note that I did have issues w/ FB magically removing the name attribute of the targeted anchors and had to re-add them after an initial save, so YMMV).

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According to this support message, the feature is not yet currently implemented:

The FogBugz wiki does not currently support anchors within a document, unfortunately. It's definitely on the list of features we're considering for the next release, though.

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Just making a note that this answer is now out of date. The feature is available. – ybakos Jul 18 '12 at 15:18

It doesn't appear to be possible.

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There is a script you can use that will create an automatic TOC for your wiki page though and this will probably solve your problem.

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Wanted to +1 this, because it would still be useful information. But the link, sadly, is -dead- broken. - What happened to Cool URIs don't change? – Alexander Kosubek Apr 5 at 13:42

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