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as above a title

i use the lift ( scala ) with jetty web server

i wanted to develop rest api . as fast as possible.

so i extended crudify ( trait )

finally , i can get results that are html web pages


i want to get form that is json or xml format

i don't need html code.

i just want format of json or xml.

how can i modify this source code extending crudify

may be . i think that overriding some functions of crudify.

thanks in advance

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Crudify is not the right solution for a REST API. You should have a look at the REST Web Services page in the Lift wiki. To create XML documents automatically, maybe you should have a look at JAXB.

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Like the answer above CRUDify is for HTML not for JSON nor XML. To represent your mapper object as a xml or json use: toXml and asJs functions. The other way you have to add parse functions that convert values posted by user into mapper objects.

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