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Does it make sense to use Apache Camel for Asynchronous requests? Or should I use simple MoM using a JMS server. There are no Enterprise Integration Patterns that I'll require.

Any help would be useful.

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Even if you are not using any Enterprise Integration Patterns (yet) - Camel is great at integrating messaging into your application while hiding all of the middleware APIs while letting you easily switch between all the various different middleware technologies usually by just changing one or two strings.

e.g. see these links for more detail

There is a POJO Messaging Example that walks you through using Camel purely as a way to integrate messaging into your POJOs

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It does make sense to use Camel for async calls, especially because it can handle callbacks cleanly. For example:

template.asyncCallback("activemq:queue:longTasks", request, callback);

Where a callback is a org.apache.camel.spi.Synchronization object that handles both responses as well as failure conditions.

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To add to the other answers: Camel also provides many very useful utils for common programming tasks.

I haven't used it in 8 months, but I'll be using it on my next project...sprint 0 next week.

Perhaps, I too will have more questions on the latest of camel soon.

Happy coding.

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