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I am looking for a SMS gateway platform to integrate to an ERP system with a global reach, any suggestions or advise? SO far I have heard of: Ozekisms Clickatell Mxtelecom Sybase mobileservices

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I work for Nexmo, the cloud wholesale SMS API (so I am biased)...but we offer global reach via a REST & SMPP API including code examples that helps you speed up the integration. We aslo operate a direct to carrier model that improves delivery ratio and latency (160ms). What also is coming in one month is access to analytics and debugging tools.


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Thanks for the contribution guys hope for some more replies though –  GrimDev Apr 19 '11 at 5:42

www.openmarket.com (this includes MXTelecom as OM acquired them)

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Twilio is also a recent addition to the list, their pricing (2 cents per sms) is pretty reasonable compared to Clickatell (~6 cents per sms), etc.

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