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i am trying to limit the height of the dojo's dijit.Textarea by preventing users from hitting the enter key while typing. How can i prevent the enter key from being used? i have the below code but its not wroking.

<input type="text" dojoType="dijit.form.Textarea" maxLength="99" onkeydown="return noEnter" />
function noEnter(evt) {  if (evt.keyCode == dojo.keys.ENTER) {
console.log('enter pressed');
return false;  }else{
console.log(evt.keyCode + ' pressed');
return true; }}
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why dont you compare evt.keyCode == 13? and check placing alert is your function called? – niksvp Apr 15 '11 at 10:00

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Dojo has a method that can be used for this purpose called stopEvent. Perhaps you could use it like this:

<input type="text" dojoType="dijit.form.Textarea" maxLength="99" onkeydown="noEnter" />

function noEnter(e){
    if(e.keyCode == dojo.keys.ENTER){
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dojo.stopEvent works perfectly. Thanks – trulyte Apr 18 '11 at 5:46

Use a dijit.form.SimpleTextarea which is a straight replacement for <textarea>, that is: it does not automatically adjust the height.

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