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I am creating a web application using EXT JS and Rails. I have a controller basic controller that contains the basic template ( master page ), clicking on the menu button would open a tab within tab panel and render some grid or form as required.

how to submit the form that is rendered from some other controller( for e.g : units controller) to the basic controller?

Code for Form submit that worked in separate project :

var sbtn=Ext.getCmp('btnSave');
    var frm=Ext.getCmp('myform');

    frm.getForm().submit('/units/new', function() {

But when i use the same in my application it goes on to "basic/index" instead of "units/new" ?

Any Suggestion ??

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I found solution to my own problem: I did it using JSON and Ajax.Request

        var sbtn=Ext.getCmp('btnSave');

             var unitname =  Ext.getCmp('unitname').getValue();
             var description =  Ext.getCmp('description').getValue();
             var post_json = {"data": { "unitname" : unitname, "description" :description }};
                var frm=Ext.getCmp('myform');
                url: '/units',
                method: 'POST',
                jsonData: post_json,
                            headers: {'Content-Type' : 'application/json' , 'Accept' : 'application/json'}

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