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foreach (var shotItem in Invadershots)// it points to me to there and doesnt allow me to loop.."{"Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute."}"
  shotItem.Move();// it happens when this simple method called (which actually checks some bool..if the shot was out of the winform).
  if (shotItem.removeShot)

Could it be because i change the List items simultaneously?
How can i prevent that error from occurring?

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You cannot alter a collection whilst enumerating across it. Create a clone of the collection and alter that.

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oooh okay, i see..damn.. i didnt know hat – Dmitry Makovetskiyd Apr 15 '11 at 10:51

This is because you trying modify collection Invadershots


This is not allowed within foreach, use for instead..

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You can't do that deleting an element into a List, that you'r reading in a foreach will crash, surely, try to make a copy to remove with that while you're in the foreach, or make a for iteration and control de number of elements correctly and the out condition.

See you

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You need to iterate through the collection in a similar way to my answer here.

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