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I've set up a TabHost containing a TabWiget with three tabs in it - each of which loads a separate activity. This all works well, switching between them is smooth, state drawables on tabs work well and so on.

However, in each activity (i.e. tab contents) I need to load further activities while still showing the tab bar at the top. Problem is, doing this:

startActivity(new Intent(this, SomeActivity.class);

loads the activity, but with a sliding animation. This looks weird when I'm supposed to have a fixed tab bar at the top (i.e. it slides out and back in). Switching activities with the tabs does not trigger this animation.

How can I load an activity without the sliding animation? I have no problem doing it through the TabHost if that's required, but its API didn't suggest this was possible.

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Using ActivityGroup for the tab contents, and then managing their content with getLocalActivityManager seems to be the trick: http://blog.henriklarsentoft.com/2010/07/android-tabactivity-nested-activities/

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