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I am building a CAML query and some of my values have

"&" which translates to "&" in U2U CAML Builder

However when I try to match the items in my list that have "&" it fails.

When I input "&" into the valeus it translates to "&"

What is the difference between "&" and "&" and how in code ( should I account for the difference?

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& = Unicode Character 'FULLWIDTH AMPERSAND' (U+FF06) – Anand Thangappan Apr 15 '11 at 12:35

The character is Unicode U+0026 &​ ampersand (38decimal, HTML: & &), this is inherited from the same value in ASCII. Apart from this, Unicode also has the variants:

* U+FE60 ﹠​ small ampersand (HTML: ﹠ )
* U+FF06 &​ fullwidth ampersand (HTML: & in block Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms)
* U+214B ⅋​ inverted ampersand (HTML: ⅋ )


More Information:

I hope its help to you

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As others have pointed out, & is the character FULLWIDTH AMPERSAND, whereas & is a just plain AMPERSAND. The Unicode database declares these characters to be compatible, which means that if you convert both & and & into the NFKD normal form, you will end up with the same result (specifically, &). If you wish to treat & and & as if they were the same character, perhaps you could find a function that converts your strings into NFKD.

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