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How do i display all the env variables and value of a particular env variable on a solaris server?

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Open up a shell and type env. This will show you all environment variables in the current shell.

Use the name of a specific variable, prefix it with a $ and do echo $name to echo the value of the env variable name.

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The way to display environment variables doesn't depends that much one the operating system, as far as Unix and Unix like systems are concerned.

If you want to know the exported variables, i.e. those that are inherited by subprocesses, you can use the export shell builtin/alias or the env command. Otherwise, set is the usual way to display all shell environment variables.

As already answered, for any specific variable, use echo $variable

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You can view all environment variables using a shell with

set | more
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csh does not show all environment variables using set – Anthon Mar 8 '13 at 11:50

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