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For quite some time now, I've been using a SVN working copy for my final live sites. Doing this during development has obvious advantages, but what are the disadvantages to doing this in production? I can only think of a few:

  1. Hidden .svn directories could be publicly accessible if you don't have your server conifigured correctly.
  2. It's very easy for you to make a commit to the project repository (even if it's not ready to be deployed), and for someone else to do an update on the production server checkout.


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Rather than using svn checkout, you can use svn export and the .svn files are mnot created

I used to have a website in svn and my process was the following:

  • Dev on trunk
  • When happy, tag, export on a new folder
  • update apache to use that folder instead of the old one. (Either on prod or staging environement).

The drawback is for your various environement to work easily / out of the box, you have to either

  • patch your deployment for customisation (DB server, user...)
  • store all prod / preprod / dev information in your svn server (which is a bad idea).

Whatever the way you work, finally, you need to trust the person updating the actual server : whatever the process, if it's not followed, you'll end up doomed.

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