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I own a JSP website for listing books stored in my own database in the same website. I'm planning to develop an iPhone app to access this database and display book list and book details.

My questions are:

  1. If I have to use web services, where should I start to develop these web services using eclipse.

  2. How to access these data and display them in a list.

  3. I want to cache data extracted and store it locally in iPhone, so when no Internet connectivity available the user can view these data offline. Is there a database engine embedded in iPhone to sotre such relational data.

Thanks you all,

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  1. Develop the webservice with what you know. PHP, Python, asp.net, java.
  2. Access the data using HTTP GET POST methods. Many application are using the json-framework.
  3. iPhone as the sqlite3 database embed in it operating system. You can find plenty of tutorial on the internet.
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  • 1 & 2 Define the services you are going to provided from you website, choose a web service protocol, JSON is generally easy to use, so does xmlrpc.

  • 3 Use core data to cache it locally, if no internet connection, you can fetch the data from core data

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