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Assuming this URL:


In the Zend Framework, by default I can easily retrieve the parameters of such as URL using $this->request->param("param1"), $this->request->param("param2"), etc.

However, in Kohana (3.1.2), by default there can be only one parameter (an ID) and everything else as to be manually setup in the bootstrap's routing.

So is there a way to make Kohana behave more like the Zend Framework? Perhaps is there some route I could set that will make it work like Zend?

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If you need a variable number of parameters, you need to add overflow handler http://www.dealtaker.com/blog/2010/03/03/kohana-php-3-0-ko3-tutorial-part-6/

It will capture everything after provided parameters as a string. You just split it by slashes to get the rest of options.

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