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I am trying to build a windows service that includes a Lua component, and links with Lua's shared libraries. I am building the code in Eclipse/CDT with MinGW. It builds fine, but when I run it, I get "Application failed to Initialize Properly (0x80000003). Click OK to terminate".

I am looking for clues as to what might be going on. A Hello World program compiles and runs fine, so there are no basic environment issues (I hope!). BTW, I am running on XP Home.


OK, I have figured out, by some guesswork, what was going on, and thought I'd post this for the benefit of others who might run into a similar problem - I think the lua DLL I was linking to, at runtime, was a different version than the one I built with. This caused the app initialization to fail I guess. When I made them to be the same file, things started working. I have not looked into why this would cause app init to fail, but I guess some symbol being at a different address or something? Or could it be that the DLLs were built with different tool chains?

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Running an application against a mismatched DLL can cause all sorts of problems because the entry points may have mismatched. I can see how this caused the problem you were seeing, but glad you have it figured out. –  LeopardSkinPillBoxHat Feb 20 '09 at 3:51

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This might be caused by not having permissions to access the DLLs required by the application. Are you logged in as an Administrator or member of the Administrator group?

Try logging in as Administrator to see if the problem goes away. This will help determine if it's a permissions issue, and then you can explore that further.

You could also try using the Dependency Walker (depends.exe) to see if this highlights any problems.

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+1 for dependency walker. That has saved me a lot of frustration trying to solve these kinds of problems. –  Adam Pierce Feb 20 '09 at 4:00

Cause of this problem is to try to run DOS programs, or 16-bit programs in Windows XP To run DOS programs, or 16-bit environment in windows xp To do so go to Start , Run and type gpedit.msc And there go to: User Configuration Administrative Templates Start Menu and Taskbar And double-click on Add "Run in Separate Memory Space" check box to Run dialog box Select Enabled and then OK. If the problem is not resolved, we will have to disable the Dr Watson , Do the following: Go to the Start Programs Accessories System Tools System Information Then go to: Tools Dr Watson Or go to Start , Run and type drwtsn32 And disable: Dump All Thread Contexts And Create Crash Dump File And press: OK

And then restart your computer ....... And then you will be able to run any game or program is running Dos or 16-bit, within Windows xp.

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