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I have class that extends to another class and that class extends to another class.

class 1 extends class 2 
class 2 extends class 3 
class 3 extends class 4 
class 4 extends class 5 
class 5 extends class 6 

Now i want to find all super classes of class 1.

anyone how I could that in java?

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Use Class.getSuperClass() to traverse the hierarchy.

Class C = getClass();
while (C != null) {
  C = C.getSuperclass();
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You can use getSuperclass() up to the Object

But read the doc first to understand what it returns in the case of interfaces etc. There are more methods to play with on the same page.

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I tried that it would show you only one parent class...not all of them.. –  Makky Apr 15 '11 at 15:50
Sure, so you will call it in a loop... –  Jan Zyka Apr 15 '11 at 15:51
oh aye !! nice one ...thx ..call the loop until I get Object as a superclass !!:) ... –  Makky Apr 15 '11 at 15:52
Yes, or null ... see the doc :) –  Jan Zyka Apr 15 '11 at 15:54

Recursively call getSuperclass starting from the instance of Class1 until you reach Object

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Use reflection:

public static List<Class> getSuperClasses(Object o) {
  List<Class> classList = new ArrayList<Class>();
  Class class= o.getClass();
  Class superclass = class.getSuperclass();
  while (superclass != null) {   
    class = superclass;
    superclass = class.getSuperclass();
  return classList;
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As a variation, with a tight loop, you can use a for loop instead:

for (Class super_class = target_class.getSuperclass();
     super_class != null;
     super_class = super_class.getSuperclass())
  // use super class here
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The other answers are right about using Class.getSuperclass(). But you have to do it repeatedly. Something like

Class superClass = getSuperclass();
while(superClass != null) {
    // do stuff here
    superClass = superClass.getSuperclass();
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