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I have some ksh scripts which I'd like to convert to run with bash instead.

Are there any useful on-line resources for this?

I'm really looking for a list of differences between the two shells and any gotchas I might encounter, although all information is welcome :-)

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Have you tried running a ksh script in bash? What happened? – ColinYounger Sep 11 '08 at 15:07
This line: while [ i -lt ${#1} ] caused this message: [: i: integer expression expected Jan. – dr-jan Sep 29 '08 at 12:49
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Have you tried looking at this page? It has a useful matrix of features and links to elsewhere.

Also this link, search for:

C2) How does bash differ from the Korn shell

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Here's a comparison from HP on the differences between shells:

Here's a great set of UNIX shell tutorials from Richard's Shell Scripting Universe:

The second is by far one of the most useful scripting resources I have found, and it really helps you learn how to write scripts with portability in mind.

Good luck with your conversions.

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