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Is there a way to ask all users to change their passwords upon logging into a Rails application using Devise authentication? In other words, I'd like a way to "expire" a password, so that the next time a user signs in, they have to change it.

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I don't think that Devise can do that out of the box, but i guess it's pretty to do it yourself. What i would do :

  1. Upon user sign in, i would nil out the encrypted_password field of the database.

  2. I would have overriden devise's session controller (responsible for the logins), in order to check whether encrypted_password of a user that tries to log in is nil.

  3. If that was nil, i would redirect them to login, also flashing an error like "Your password has expired. Please create a new one."

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Don't forgot to somehow remember the encrypted_password before nil'ing it, or you'll be sorry. – Pierre Nov 7 '12 at 21:32

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