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I have a PHP form that is brining up an error when I leave a field blank.

Sorry, there was an error adding this client sql=insert into db1.cleints (clientID, clientName) values (45, Frank) on duplicate key update clientID='45', clientName='Frank' You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'clientName' at line 1

Update: I have included what the code is. Please disregard the fact that my the above was just a modified example.

 $sql = "insert into $ (dsc_id, dsc_lname, dsc_fname, distributor_id, distributor_name, distributor_theater_id, manager_id, manager_name, is_new_theater, name, phone_area, phone_exch, phone_local, phone_ext, street, city, state_prov, country, postal, web_site_url, manager_gender, theater_manager_name, email, location_desc, square_footage, year_founded, colors_techs, stylists, assistants, active_chairs, booth_renters, services, purchase_volume, products, other_lines, other_lines_txt, percent_women, demog_lt_20, demog_lt_35, demog_lt_55, demog_ge_55, avg_sale, avg_cut, avg_color, avg_hilite, rating, can_display, retail_sf, grade, dsc_notes) values ($dsc_id, '$dsc_lname', '$dsc_fname', $distributor_id, '$distributor_name', '$distributor_theater_id', $manager_id, '$manager_name', '$is_new_theater', '$name', '$phone_area', '$phone_exch', '$phone_local', '$phone_ext', '$street', '$city', '$state_prov','$country', '$postal', '$web_site_url', '$manager_gender', '$theater_manager_name', '$email', '$location_desc', '$square_footage', '$year_founded', '$colors_techs', '$stylists', '$assistants', '$active_chairs', '$booth_renters', '$services', '$purchase_volume', '$products', '$other_lines','$other_lines_txt', '$percent_women', '$demog_lt_20', '$demog_lt_35', '$demog_lt_55', '$demog_ge_55', '$avg_sale', '$avg_cut', '$avg_color', '$avg_hilite', '$rating', '$can_display', '$retail_sf', '$grade', '$dsc_notes') on duplicate key update dsc_id=$dsc_id, dsc_lname='$dsc_lname', dsc_fname='$dsc_fname', distributor_id=$distributor_id, distributor_name='$distributor_name', distributor_theater_id='$distributor_theater_id', manager_id=$manager_id, manager_name='$manager_name', is_new_theater='$is_new_theater', name='$name', phone_area='$phone_area', phone_exch='$phone_exch', phone_local='$phone_local', phone_ext='$phone_ext', street='$street', city='$city', state_prov='$state_prov', country='$country', postal='$postal', web_site_url='$web_site_url', manager_gender='$manager_gender', theater_manager_name='$theater_manager_name', email='$email', location_desc='$location_desc', square_footage='$square_footage', year_founded='$year_founded', colors_techs='$colors_techs', stylists='$stylists', assistants='$assistants', active_chairs='$active_chairs', booth_renters='$booth_renters', services='$services', purchase_volume='$purchase_volume', products='$products', other_lines='$other_lines', other_lines_txt='$other_lines_txt', percent_women='$percent_women', demog_lt_20='$demog_lt_20', demog_lt_35='$demog_lt_35', demog_lt_55='$demog_lt_55', demog_ge_55='$demog_ge_55', avg_sale='$avg_sale', avg_cut='$avg_cut', avg_color='$avg_color', avg_hilite='$avg_hilite', rating='$rating', can_display='$can_display', retail_sf='$retail_sf', grade='$grade', dsc_notes='$dsc_notes'";
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You need to show some code. – Pekka 웃 Apr 15 '11 at 17:14
Show us the code. – k to the z Apr 15 '11 at 17:15
@Mike, Looks like a MySQL Error has occurred for your INSERT Query. Are you able to include the code that would be running such a query? – McHerbie Apr 15 '11 at 17:24
I have updated the post with the code – Mike Apr 15 '11 at 17:26
@Mike: PHP code does not trigger MySQL errors. Your problem lies in your SQL code. – Álvaro González Apr 15 '11 at 17:30
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insert into db1.cleints (clientID, clientName)
values (45, Frank)
on duplicate key update clientID='45', clientName='Frank' 

The first Frank is not quoted.

Also, it's worth noting that the whole purpose of on duplicate key update is to be able to insert a record if it doesn't exist or update it if it already exists. You are trying to update with the same values it already have. Perhaps you want INSERT IGNORE ...

Answer to updated question:

I seems that we'll have to guess. My educated guess is that you are not escaping input data. Instead, you inject it blindly into your SQL code. When a numeric field is left blank, you don't replace it with a proper NULL; it's just casted to (blank) string:

echo "VALUES($one, $two, $three)";

... generates:

VALUES(1, , 3)

It probably fails as well if you type a letter in such field, or if you type O'Hara.

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