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I would like to know how to use simple databinding (grid.datasource = xxxx) with DBContext Generator and entity framework 4.1;

With POCO entity Generator, i was able to do

Grid.DataSource = Entity.MyChildreCollection; 

(probably because Poco entity generator use FixUp Collection)

But with DBContext Generator this property is ICollection so can't be bind directly .

What's the best practise to bind my entity collection to a grid ?

I've try changing T4 template from HashSet<T> to

(with ObservableListSource<T> : ObservableCollection<T>, IListSource)

I've noticed that if i do that, i can't use


because it doesn't delete the association

but i can do that


i don't have this problem with ICollection ... what is the difference ?

Moreover changing ICollection to ObservableListSource can make trouble to serialize the entities ...

What are the best way to doing that ?


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