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I justed moved out dnn website to a new webserver running Windows 2008 64-bit. After some tweaks I was able to get things running great. However there is one last quirk. When I try to login to the admin/host portion of the site, I receive an error. Specifically, I get

A critical error has occurred.- Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I only get this error when logging in with Internet Explorer 7, ironically. I can login successfully using FF3. Does anyone have any idea what would cause this? I'm at a total loss.

I'm running dnn 3.0.13 in IIS7 using Classic application pool.

There are no errors/exceptions reported in the Log in the dnn application or en the Event Viewer on the web server. Frustrating, I know.


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What version of DotNetNuke are you running? What (if any) third party modules do you have installed? Do you have any custom authentication / login modules? Where exactly does this error appear in the login workflow? What type of error is it (e.g. red dnn triangle or yellow screen of death)? –  Ian Robinson Feb 20 '09 at 19:19
Just out of curiosity... why are you running such an old version of dnn? –  notandy Feb 27 '09 at 20:16

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It turns out, there were more problems than just IE7 login issues. Whenever I tried to update content, I would receive errors (red triangle, but nothing in the logs). In the end, I realized that my very old DNN version was not capable of running in .NET 2.0. I'm running such an old version because it's a legacy application that I still need to support. Clearly, an upgrade path should be explored.

Anyways, my solution was to install .NET 1.1. I followed the instructions listed here. I didn't have this problem on my other web servers because they come with .NET 1.1 pre-installed. IIS7 doesn't come bundled with it.

This fixed all of my problems and it ran perfectly.

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Can you look in the application event log of your server, and if you see the exception, edit your question and post it?

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