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        imgball = Image.createImage("/ball.jpg");
        //imgpad = Image.createImage("/ball.jpg");
    catch(Exception e)

The above code works as it is. But when i open imgpad statement, it gives me error of uncaught NullPointerException ? What can be wrong ?

P.S. I am working in a different Thread. If that matters.

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The NullPointerException (NPE) must be later in your code. Your catch block will catch any NPE during image load.

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It doesn't occur when I remove the second statement in the given block. And I dont make any change to rest of my code .. –  mihsathe Apr 15 '11 at 19:30

As mdma mentioned, the NullPointerException must be later because when the Image.createImage("/ball.jpg"); fails, it will throw an Exception that you catch. Since you catch it and then do nothing, the value of imgball will be unset (null).

Since you are working from a different Thread, it's possible that you are accessing the variable too soon, but I assume the above reason is more accurate because imgball will probably always fail to be created since you give it the absolute path.

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Ok. It was my mistake. I'd like to make it clear here for others to know.

The mistake I made was actually from the main thread. I'd written following :

        refcan = new ReflectCanvas(2); 

And I was loading images in the constructor ReflectCanvas(). So it could bear the speed upto one image but not for two :)

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