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I'm currently writing a little library for detecting "bad" words in content (see here), and I'm having a little trouble deciding how/where to namespace a specific class.

The usage flow of my library so far is as follows,

$dictionary = new Dictionary\Csv('/path/to/file.csv');
$config = new Filter\Config\Standard();
$filter = new Filter($dictionary, $config);

Basically you create a Dictionary of words, a Filter\Config which defines how the Filter executes, and then create a Filter from said objects.

Internally, the Filter uses the Filter\Config to convert the Words in the Dictionary to regular expressions.

Now my problem is I don't know what to call and/or where to put this "converter".

My current ideas are,

  1. Word\RegExpConverter (as there is a Word class to represent a word)
  2. Word\Converter\RegExp
  3. Filter\RegExpConverter

Because the Word is being converted, it seems to make sense to have it in the Word\ namespace, but at the same time it's something specific to the Filter and requires the Filter\Config.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Cheers, Steve

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So you've got a class called Word that Filter consumes (via the converter)?

You may be overdoing it -- first, consider just having Filter consume Words and convert them internally. If you have no plans to reuse the regex-conversion functionality elsewhere, and you have no concrete plans to provide an alternative converter to be used in place of the RegExConverter, there's not a good reason to stick it in it's own class.

It seems like providing some other (non-RegEx) converter is more likely.

If that's the case, that should be a hint. Perhaps something like this would be appropriate:

Filter\WordConverter\AbstractWordConverter (or maybe I'm just an interface?)
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First Filter checks if there is a cache of the regular expressions. If there isn't, it uses getWords() on the Dictionary to get the Word objects. This is where I become unsure. Using the Config, the Filter converts the Words into a regular expressions. I can do that internally inside Filter, but it just seems "wrong", as it's not the Filter's job? I go get your point though, maybe I'm over architecting(?) this. – Stephen Melrose Apr 15 '11 at 19:47
This sounds even worse, but I'm keen to get someone else's opinion. What do you think to $config->getRegExp($word)? As the Config's role is to literally define how the regular expression will be built, and maybe 1 or two rules that apply to the Filter itself. – Stephen Melrose Apr 15 '11 at 19:57
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After reading timdev's answer and some reflection, he was right in that I was trying to over abstract my architecture.

I will only ever want to convert a Word into a regular expression. If I were going to convert into multiple formats, I would then introduce converters and inject them.

And because the Filter\Config exists to define how that regular expression should be generated, it only makes sense that that's where the logic should reside.

So my implementation will be,



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