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I'm trying to do a very simple Basic Auth middleware for Express on Node.js as demonstrated here:

I have my middleware function:

var basicAuth = function(request, response, next) {
    if (request.headers.authorization &&'Basic ') === 0) {
        // Get the username and password
        var requestHeader = new Buffer(
                request.headers.authorization.split(' ')[1], 'base64').toString();
        requestHeader = requestHeader.split(":");

        var username = requestHeader[0];
        var password = requestHeader[1];

        // This is an async that queries the database for the correct credentials
        authenticateUser(username, password, function(authenticated) {
            if (authenticated) {
            } else {
                response.send('Authentication required', 401);
    } else {
        response.send('Authentication required', 401);

And I have my route:

app.get('/user/', basicAuth, function(request, response) {

If I try to curl this request I get:

curl -X GET http://localhost/user/ --user user:password
Cannot GET /user/

This works totally cool when I add the middleware while calling createServer(), but when I do it per-request like I am in this route, it just dies quietly server-side. Unfortunately, since not all requests require authentication, I can't make this a global middleware.

I've tried flipping off Express and just using Connect and I get the same result, so I assume it's something in there. Has anybody experienced this before?

Edit: I should also mention that I've logged the relevant code exhaustively and next is being called, but it just appears to go nowhere.

Edit 2: For the record, an "empty" middleware also fails silently:

var func = function(request, response, next) {

app.get('/user', func, function(request, response) {

This also has the same result.

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function(request, response, callback) {



Your supposed to either change callback to next or vica versa.

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Ahh, yes thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately it's just a result of tired eyes and copying and pasting messy code ;) I edited the post, but the issue was happening with next being passed correctly. – Scott Ferguson Apr 15 '11 at 20:36
your sure authenticateUser is not broken right? The 3rd callback argument does get called right?/ – Raynos Apr 15 '11 at 20:45
Positive, I've got a console.log right before the call to next() in basicAuth, as well as one in success/fail cases in authenticateUser. It's definitely returning, and doing something with next. – Scott Ferguson Apr 15 '11 at 20:47

I found this link.

Express middleware: Basic HTTP Authentication

The author seems to be doing the same thing as you did, except he has a return after the next().

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This link is broken :( – a paid nerd Jul 5 '12 at 5:35

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