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What is the definitive checklist for Apple app store submittals?

Looking for a checklist to add/improve one that I am developing for iOS projects. Interested in items that one may want to audit before either submittal or release. Things like important settings in the plist, making sure that icons are available in all resolutions, checking that image files are available in all resolutions, including an icon, updating the version number, providing a human-readable copyright notice, making sure sound files are not fattened-up by leading or trailing silence, deleting, disabling or commenting-out NSLog or diagnostics code, etc.

Hoping to make this a pre-flight sort of check list that one can go through and catch most obvious issues as well as some that might not be so obvious.

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Here's is a App Store Pre-Submission Test. It will guide you 34 questions you should be asking. If you answer incorrectly, it will give an explanation of why your answer is wrong.

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That one is quite good but it gets quite a few of the bottom ones wrong! For example it tells you that you can't replicated a coverflow effect. –  Freerunnering Apr 15 '11 at 21:09

I had trouble submitting my app using Itunes Connect, and I tried to re-install XCode and retried all the provisioning stuff until I read this post - Steps to upload an iPhone application to the AppStore and it resolved my issue. So add this to your checklist, probably the last one.

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