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Issue is about interactions between Facebook REST and Graph API .

I'm building a Facebook application. Once I have a valid OAuth access token I try to incloke auth.getSession method by accessing the URL


and I get back errors like this

<error_response xsi:schemaLocation="http://api.facebook.com/1.0/ http://api.facebook.com/1.0/facebook.xsd">
  <error_msg>The parameter auth_token is required</error_msg>
  <request_args list="true">...</request_args>

So I called auth.createToken method immediately after that , and token was returned ok . Then I try to call auth.getSession once again by accessing this URL:


I just get a different error like the one shown below

<error_response xsi:schemaLocation="http://api.facebook.com/1.0/ http://api.facebook.com/1.0/facebook.xsd">
  <error_msg>Invalid API key</error_msg>
  <request_args list="true">...</request_args>

So how could I invoke auth.getSession method if I only have a valid OAuth token ?

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The same happens if I use pyfacebook library and invoke Facebook.auth.getSession instance method. – Olemis Lang Apr 20 '11 at 19:54

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