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By combinations algorithm I mean code that will produce output similar to the example below.

I found the C implementation by Knuth already but it used the "goto" statement. PHP 5.2.4 (the version of PHP I must use) does not support "goto". So when I port it to PHP it will error on the goto statments. I could modify it further but I think I might loose efficiency.

Or if not a PHP implementation perhaps an implementation that is not too object-oriented(so that the actual algorithm is not hidden) or an implementation that does not use "goto".

Example: nCr, n=3, r=2

3C2 =


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Maybe you can find here, here or here some solutions.

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I went with the Chase algorithm in C and converted to PHP. It does not use "goto". –  user656925 Jul 9 '11 at 20:25
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This might be a great solution that has already been answered: Algorithm problem: letter combinations

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