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I am trying to add an editor to a cell, depending on the combo value selected in another cell.

consider there are 2 columns, with one column a combo editor applied. If I select index 1, the column 2 adds a date editor, else a string editor.

Basically I am building a Query Builder, so | | |

Thanks in advance!

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It's hard to give a specific answer without seeing some sample code, but the basic idea would be to have the "select" handler for column 1 call "setEditor()" on column 2 with the appropriate editor object.

For more details, take a look at the API docs - look up "ColumnModel"

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Hi, I have tried that - I am getting following error.. A.startEdit is not a function GridEditor()()ext-all.js (line 153) getViewWidth()()ext-base.js (line 9) [Break on this error] Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel=Ext.extend(Ext....("editorgrid",Ext.grid.EditorGridPane‌​l); – Anonymous Feb 20 '09 at 5:24

I think there is a bug in 4.0 which cause an error when you use setEditor(), but no one support or rebut me...

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