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I need to send some text information from C# to Matlab 2010. And then send some response from matlab to C# app.

I have very little knowledge of Matlab so I will try no to get involved in the Matlab part of the solution but I have to establish communications.

Can a matlab program listen to .NET app events? Can a matlab program then call a method in .NET app?

What is the general idea of deployment of such solution? I.e. is it .NET app calls a managed dll compiled by Matlab Builder or is it Matlab loads a .NET dll and host it inside Matlab run-time?

Appreciate tolerance to the lame questions in advance :)

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Have you taken a look at Simplest way to send messages between Matlab, VB6 and VB.NET programs? –  moritz Apr 16 '11 at 1:00

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The simple way is to compile the Matlab Program to a .NET or COM component with the Matlab Builder NE (documentation, needs an matlab account) and just use the component from your program.

Some examples: link

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