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I am not able to look at JDK classes, i installed glassfish wich comes with the JDK and JRE and i have tried everything to add the sources to eclipse but no luck, the does not exist on the glassfish installer.

the does not exist on JRE6 so how the h can i add the sources to Eclipse?

thanks for your help

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You must use the JDK not JRE in Eclipse if you want to gain access to the Java source automatically.

Go to preferences-> Installed JREs and add a JDK path to Eclipse. The use that one in you project class path.

share|improve this answer is generally in the root directory of a JDK (but not in a JRE). You can download a Sun / Oracle JDK from the main Oracle site at

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I had to re-download the JDK , installed it then grabbed the and place it manually in my c:\glassfish3 installation, now it's fine. thanks

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