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Since I'm going to be working with Node.js, I figured that using Express or Geddy would save me from repeating code that's already available.

I'm looking for the pros and cons of each framework and why one is particularly useful over the other. From what I've heard, Geddy provides a little more abstraction from the underlying node.js, but I'm not sure if this is true. I've also heard that Geddy has more of a strict built-in MVC-style architecture. Is this true?

I'm sure there are good applications to both, so that's what I'm looking to find out.

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Just to add some Geddy perspective here We've added a ton of features and removed some bloat to geddy in the past couple of months. It's worth a shot now if you'd like a more Rails-like framework for node. –  Techwraith Apr 19 '12 at 23:06
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30 months later

What framework to use is a team fit thing. express & npm-www style ways of doing things are both fine choices.

If you have a larger team of 20-50 engineers, maybe you should use a framework like geddy to get consistency across your entire team. Maybe also consider hapi as an alternative.

  • If your team is new to node, consider express, there are lots of tutorials & SO questions about it.
  • If your team is good with node and it's small. Do things the lean modular fashion. It works, it's swappable and it's really performant.
  • If you have a large team then use a framework like geddy or hapi

16 months later

You should build your application as a union of small processes doing their own thing well. Each process should use a union of small libraries that do one thing well. Use tools like airport and fleet to manage your processes

Using standard node patterns like streams goes a long way.

NPM is your friend, if you can abstract a solution into a simple module do so. Make sure you build your libraries in a layered fashion to reduce complexity (for an example see sockjs -> shoe -> mux-demux-shoe -> boot)

For an example of a modular, streaming application see stream-chat

12 months later

Frameworks? Frameworks?! Real men use node directly.

Isaacs has a great example of Doing it Right™ with his project npm-www

Note, I would advise against using any other library I mention below the line.


express is just a light abstraction on top of connect. It basically handles the view engine for you.

geddy relies a lot more on the command line geddy-gen to auto generate files. It also seems to make use of more reflection.

geddy itself is tied to a MVC implementation where as express is not. Express can easily be combined with any known MVC library. Whether you prefer loose coupling or hard coupling in this manner is personal preference.

Personally I find connect a great library and find the express view engine a good abstraction. I also find the geddy documentation lacking.

geddy seems to lack an in build CSS compiler and the middleware. The middleware in connect/express is rather powerful.

express on the other hand does not have the notion of a model that geddy has nor does it support databases as easily as geddy. Geddy seems to bridge its own models to a few popular databases where as with express all database manipulation is done manually.

Personally I would recommend a stack of express(Server, view engine, middleware), now(Client-Server communication), cradle(CouchDB database abstraction), backbone(Lightweight MVC abstraction), underscore.

3 months later

Personally I would recommend a stack of express. You really don't need now, cradle, backbone or underscore. All of those either leak or get in the way.

Let me also mention that middleware is awesome. So use express or connect if you dont need routing / view engines.

6 months later

I don't think anyone uses geddy anymore. However flatiron is a great alternative to express. It's written by the nodejitsu team and is rock solid. Their article on Scaling Isomorphic JavaScript is a good read.

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Just one answer here? C'mon. –  Geoyws May 16 at 13:47
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