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In Ruby, how would I return true if a string is not in an array of options?

# pseudo code
do_this if current_subdomain not_in ["www", "blog", "foo", "bar"]

...or do you know of a better way to write this?

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do_this unless  ["www", "blog", "foo", "bar"].include?(current_subdomain)


do_this if not ["www", "blog", "foo", "bar"].include?(current_subdomain)

I'm using the Array#include? method.

However using unless is a fairly big ruby idiom.

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do_this if !["www", "blog", "foo", "bar"].include?(current_subdomain) works. For complex conditions, example one: && ! example two: and not. –  Ivan Chau Mar 3 '14 at 7:23

Besides using an array, you can also do this:

case current_subdomain
when 'www', 'blog', 'foo', 'bar'; do that
else do this

This is actually much faster:

require 'benchmark'
n = 1000000

def answer1 current_subdomain
  case current_subdomain
  when 'www', 'blog', 'foo', 'bar'
  else nil

def answer2 current_subdomain
  nil unless  ["www", "blog", "foo", "bar"].include?(current_subdomain)

Benchmark.bmbm do |b|

Rehearsal -------------------------------------------
answer1   0.290000   0.000000   0.290000 (  0.286367)
answer2   1.170000   0.000000   1.170000 (  1.175492)
---------------------------------- total: 1.460000sec

              user     system      total        real
answer1   0.290000   0.000000   0.290000 (  0.282610)
answer2   1.180000   0.000000   1.180000 (  1.186130)

Benchmark.bmbm do |b|

Rehearsal -------------------------------------------
answer1   0.250000   0.000000   0.250000 (  0.252618)
answer2   1.100000   0.000000   1.100000 (  1.091571)
---------------------------------- total: 1.350000sec

              user     system      total        real
answer1   0.250000   0.000000   0.250000 (  0.251833)
answer2   1.090000   0.000000   1.090000 (  1.090418)
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do this if not ["www", "blog", "foo", "bar"].include?(current_subdomain)

or you can use grep

>> d=["www", "blog", "foo", "bar"]
>> d.grep(/^foo$/)
=> ["foo"]
>> d.grep(/abc/)
=> []
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