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I have PHP, IIS7, ReWrite Module for IIS and Zend all installed.

I can execute PHP pages just fine, even got PHPINFO showing up.

I setup a Zend quickstart app on IIS and when I open it this is what I see:

You can see from the source that it's not executing the <= portions.

Any idea what needs to change?

alt text

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You need to enable shortags in your php.ini:

short_opentag = on

However, even though Zend's examples use the open tag, for portability you really should use the full echo statement as not all webhosts allow for short_opentag. The short tag might save a bit of time typing but may actually be worse in the long run.

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make sure <? is enabled and not just <?php

if you use <?

php.ini --->short_opentag=On

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