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I'm developing with VB.NET 2008. One of my host was crashed, so I take the files and keep development on another host. But now something strange is happening:All frames, lines and shapes are disappeared on design-time, but are seen normally in runtime. Please see the attached screenshot (Upper is design-time, lower is runtime).

How do I fix this?


The shapes are GroupBox and LineShape. LineShape is part of "VisualBasic PowerPack" indeed.

If I try to add a line shape, it is added but invisible in the designer, while it's visible during the run-time.

Any idea?

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Start by telling us what components those Frames and Shapes are. And from waht namespaces they are coming. I suspect they are from the VisualBasic PowerPack but that's not sure. And then check if these components are properly installed. Can you add a new Shape to a Form? – Henk Holterman Feb 20 '09 at 8:41
Are you sure you haven't just lost track of the Zorder in the designer? – MaSuGaNa Apr 8 '09 at 15:48

If i was you i'd most definitely check the zorder. As a last resort take the controls out of the groupbox and recreate the groupbox. Also if you add a groupbox or a lineshape control on another form,does it work? if they do,you should check your code

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