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When using CSSPackageResource.getHeaderContribution(ResourceReference) or JavascriptPackageResource.getHeaderContribution(ResourceReference) is there a way to see if the css or JavaScript file actually exist before calling add?

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On PackageResource, the parent of CSSPackageResource and JavascriptPackageResource there is method exists() which is defined:


public static boolean exists(Class scope, String path, Locale locale, String style)

Gets whether a resource for a given set of criteria exists.


scope - This argument will be used to get the class loader for loading the package resource, and to determine what package it is in. Typically this is the class in which you call this method

path - The path to the resource

locale - The locale of the resource

style - The style of the resource

Returns: true if a resource could be loaded, false otherwise

Just check out the documentation

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lol... how did I miss that?! –  TofuBeer Apr 16 '11 at 15:39
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