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i'm beginning to learn android, i meet a problem in my project,

in my application,i create a background thread which get data from remote server by UDP,
in this thread ,i will parse the data and distribute the message to different activity to process, so i don't know weather is there a mechanism to handle this problem.

thanks for your answer

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Could you provide a few more details - are you asking how to pass data from a background thread to another activity, or how to pass data from a background thread to the activity that created the thread? – Phil Lello Apr 16 '11 at 5:26
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You should take a look at this article about painless threading in android, and pick a solution that best fits for you.

If you retrieve data from the server repeatedly, maybe you should go with a Service - Handler solution, but AsyncTask seams to be the easiest for me.

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I would recommend you to go through the dev guide as suggested by @UBM. Also, if you are looking for different threading constructs and communication, I would strongly recommend you to look at a series of articles on Android threading constructs starting with this article.

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