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With the MVC3 Razor synax, one may render a string like so


My problem is: How can I append a dot to the above code. The following will result in a "Public member 'jpg' on type 'String' not found.":


I've tried the following code but does not produce my intended result:

@ViewData("photo") .jpg
@ViewData("photo") & ".jpg"

Thanx for advance for your help. And please dont advice me to append the "jpg" in the controller's code like so:

ViewData("photo") = "filename.jpg"

I've searched the Net for the same problem but found none, not even something

similar. By the way, I'm using VB.net.

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Wouldn't @(ViewData("photo") + ".jpg") work? –  manojlds Apr 16 '11 at 6:29

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Adding as answer:

@(ViewData("photo") + ".jpg")

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Thankx for giving the correct answer. @Jesper Palm and @JP also gave the correct answer but manojlds answered first –  Arvin Apr 17 '11 at 21:51

How about this?


Edit: And with the dynamic ViewBag:

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You could always try:


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