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I am having problem in putting object of a class in an unordered map as key here is a simple example:

class first
        string name;
        first(string nam):name(nam){}
        string get_name() const
                return name;

struct SampleTraits
        size_t operator()(const first &that) const
                return tr1::hash<const char*>()(that.get_name().c_str());

        bool operator()(const first &t1,const first &t2) const
                return t1.get_name()==t2.get_name();

typedef tr1::unordered_set<unsigned short> uset;
typedef tr1::unordered_map<first,uset,SampleTraits,SampleTraits> umap;

ostream& operator <<(ostream& out, uset &ust)
        for(uset::iterator it=ust.begin();it!=ust.end();++it)
                out<<" "<<*it;

int main()
        umap *mymap= new umap;
        string names,nm,n;
        cout<<"\nEnter 1st name: ";
        first obj(names);

        cout<<"\nEnter 2nd name:";
        first obj2(nm);

        cout<<"\nEnter name which u want to search:";

        first obj1(n);
        umap::iterator it=mymap->find(obj1);
        //delete mymap;
        for(umap::iterator it=mymap->begin();it!=mymap->end();it++)
                cout<<it->first.get_name()<<" ";
        return 0;

My problem is when iam tryin to insert two different objects and trying to display it is shows segmentation fault.. again if i try to use find() then also it shows segmentation fault.. Its quite hard for me to understand why unordered_map is showing this behavior.

Any help will be appreciated!! This will be a great help for my project...

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The problem is with hash function. It does not work as you have expected with pointer types, since it uses a pointer to calculate a hash value instead of its content. Using the std::string fixes the problem.

return tr1::hash<string>()(that.get_name());
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@Eugene... thanks i will try as you have said and come back to you... –  sharad pradhan Apr 16 '11 at 12:03
@Eugene... thanks a lot.. its working...i just happened to copy the hash function i used for SGI hash_map.... –  sharad pradhan Apr 16 '11 at 12:12
@sharad pradhan I'm glad that it helped. Can you mark my response as an answer? –  Eugene Apr 16 '11 at 20:53

Looks like you forgot to return out from operator<< for the uset. Although, most compilers will issue warning for such functions they still have to compile them and running such program will result in undefined behaviour.

ostream& operator <<(ostream & out, uset & ust)
    for(uset::iterator it=ust.begin();it!=ust.end();++it)
        out<<" "<<*it;

    return out;

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@KO thnks....just about forgot that... –  sharad pradhan Apr 16 '11 at 12:02

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