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i have a class with some datafields:

class Call{

now i would like to map this using hibernate annotations in java but the original sql query that i used was something like this:

FROM callalert c 
JOIN staffmember s  
LEFT JOIN roomGroup g ON g.groupId = s.roomGroupId 
LEFT JOIN room r ON r.roomId = g.roomId
WHERE s.staffId = 4444 AND c.roomId = g.roomId 

is there a way to map this in other words: is there a way to map columns from different tables to 1 custom class? the class is no direct representation of 1 table and from all the tables that are involved, not all columns are used


I tried the view solution:

created a view with the above query then I try to generate the hibernate classes using Netbeans and I generates 2 classes: the class Calls and an Embeddable class CallId

after searching the Internet this happens because hibernate needs a primary key so it creates one himself

how can I make sure only 1 class gets generated? how do I give a view a primary key (a good primary key would be 1 of the primary keys of the underlying tables). how do i set this?

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You should be able to do that if you create a database view for that query. It would work, but it has the downside that you can't auto-generate the ddl schema from the database models.

Check out this article

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With the aggravating that the class could not be used to update code in the database, unless the view itself is updatable. –  Paulo Santos Apr 16 '11 at 9:28
ok, i'll try it out, thx :) –  Berty Apr 18 '11 at 6:50
I tried it but it generates 2 classes: check the first post after "edit" –  Berty Apr 18 '11 at 13:44

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